Sunday, July 19, 2009

YSR Yuvasena victory celebrations in U.S.A.

Congratulations on the occasion of Anna YSR sworn as 2nd term chief minister as per our wish and expectation.This is definitely real victory to real hero.

First of all our Yuvasena aim ( To see Anna YSR as longest serving chief minister of AP) fulfilled with this elections result as once he completes his term is going to be 10 years and 5 days.

I want to appreciate all of your support for maintaining and promoting YSR portal ( which is handed over by Anna YSR family members on the occasion of chinna Anna YSVR Birthday August 8th, 2008 ( 08-08-08).

I wanted also thank for promoting our Yuvasena channel ( ), we uploaded all the video's on regular basis and reached, i am proud to say we almost reached 1 million people through our videos around the globe.

I am pretty sure Yuvasena convinced and attracted lot of the neutral people around the world mainly youth through our portal and channel, who used to believe the just yellow journalism by simply following two news papers Eenadu & Andhrajyothy.

We successfully promoted all the development works done by our Anna YSR since May 14th, 2004.

We also successfully promoted the opportunism of opposition leaders and their opportunistic alliance just to get power.

We also successfully convinced the necessity of re election of Anna YSR again.
Elections'09 is a historical election in Andhra Pradesh because of many reasons.

All the opposition parties formed Mahakootami ( Telugu Desam, T.R.S, C.P.M, C.P.I) with the initiation of Eenadu Ramoji Rao. They have all the film attractions like Bala Krishna, Hari Krishna, Kalyan Ram, Taraka Ratna, Jr NTR , Roja, Kavitha and number of other actors. They don't have any common agenda except defeating Anna YSR.

They came up with a Manifesto of giving Free TV and 2000, 1500, 1000 rupees to poor and they tried to trap Andhra people all the ways they can.

They also have all the media support from Eenadu, Andhra Jyothy, Surya apart from electronic channell ETV, TV9 etc which always promote all these parties. Eenadu and Andhrajyothy did poisonous campaign against Anna YSR & his family members.

One more popular film actor chiranjeevi formed a party after his film career over with the slogan of "Social Justice" even you don't find any where in 10 kilometers range of the president or the party. they wanted to create a Guinness book record of winning the elections with in 7 months after the party formation. He and his party people used to shout with the big mouth about corruption in the state but he is the one who created a new trend of selling the seats like movie tickets, seats for crores " Kotlaku Seatlu", Chiranjeevi and his family members polluted the politics, definitely the party is poisonous tree.

Only Anna YSR alone conducted campaign from the congress party in the whole state by participating 700 meetings in all 27 districts by taking the responsibility of the election result. He has count less confidence on the people and his credibility.

After Elections also all the pro TDP news papers and electronic channels over action and illogical opinions, meaning less discussions and with their false surveys they tried to make believe the Andhra people that there are very good chances for Maha Kootami or Hung Assembly even every one of their internal survey clearly shows the majority to congress party. By believing these papers all the Mahakootami sympathizers betted crores of rupees in Andhra Pradesh and Lakhs of dollars in U.S.A.

They also tried to morally let down all congress and Anna YSR fans at theri level best !!
But YSR Yuvasena USA Committee never have any doubt about our party victory and published a survey on April 26th and also which is 98% correct !!

This is the victory of people, Yuvasena and all the Anna garu fans around the globe.
I think it is time to realize the papers and channels to change their way towards the peoples way not the political parties way with the Yellow glasses.

It is also time to realize all the Mahakootami leaders about their credibility and sincerely work for the people instead of just trying trap or tempt with impractical promises or all free slogan.
It is also time to realize Chiranjeevi instead of acting he has to do some work for the people. so atleast he can win next time in Palakollu.

I want to thank all the Andhrites for their intelligent mandate of giving 157 MLA seats and 33 MP seats to Anna YSR and congress party.

I want also thank personally for your hard work , mouth campaigning, phone campaigning,electronic campaigning, circulating the mails to promote Anna YSR in the last elections.

Finally we are celebrating the Historical victory in Smithville, TN on 23rd and 24th of this month. Please join at Rally on 2:00pm on 24th . You are most welcome to come with family on 23rd as our Yuvasena Honorable Advisor Brahmanada Reddy Garu blocked the Hotel for two days ( 23rd and 24th) and you can see the related ad on

The Address is
East Side Inn
598 E Broad St
Smithville, TN 37166
Ph: (615) 597-4573.
We would love to see you all there on 23rd and 24th !!

Thanks n Rgds,
Bonthu Nagi Reddy
YSR Yuva Sena U.S.A Committee
(A Group of Anna YSR die-hard fans in America)