Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bonthu Nagi Reddy - YSR Yuvasena victory celebrations in Smithville, Tennessee!!

All YSR fans from across the United States here conducted the celebrations on 23rd and 24th in Hotel East Sides Inn, and approximately 500 people attended from all over the country.

All the Smith ville town is packed with Anna YSR die hard fans and resonance with YSR Jayahoo slogan with lot of colorful events !!

Yuvasena arranged a photo exhibition with the pictures of all the Governmentt schemes and welfare activities conducted in last 5 years by YSR Government.

On 24th the meeting is held at East side Inn, Pammi Subba Reddy presided the meeting and YSR Yuvasena USA Committee president Bonthu Nagi Reddy congratulated Anna YSR & YSJR . He also mentioned all the services done by YSR Yuvasena USA Committee hard work and it's role of maintaining YSR portal handed over by Dr YSR family members since August8th, 2008y. and reaching the Yuvasena channel ( ) reaching more than a million people across the globe !!

Yuvasena President also mentioned the co operation of YS Viveknada Reddy and YSVR son In Law Raja Narreddy for the support and Inspiration by both of them directly and In directly.
One of the Best Doctor in America Dr Sam Kesri mentioned the services of Dr YSR in last 5 years and he appreciated the idea of implementing Rajiv Arogya Sri to help the poor just like in United States.

Pala Bhanoji Reddy, YSR Yvuasena Media Secretary appreciated the idea of reimbursement of fees for OBC and EBC and he explained how the families back in India benefited with this great scheme.

Amba Rao who is a retired engineer came from India mentioned how Dr YSR is taking care of old age people and retired people.

Sambi Reddy who is a Farmer from Guntur dist mentioned about the Initiation of Pulichintala Project and the way farmers life improved after YSR got elected.

Vipin Muppidi mentioned about the necessity of reaching all the schemes 100% to the people with out any obstacles.

Nandyala Veera Reddy & Srinivasa Reddy Inganti YS Fan club founders congratulated the YSR and YSJR, he mentioned about future plans of helping the needed by forming a trust and entertained the audience with humorous satirical poetry on the opposition leaders.

Jakkireddy Subbayamma ( Gade Venkata Reddy Sister ) , Mahilaa congress leader stated that God always bless the people with good heart and service attitude.

Other prominent congress Women leaders Mrs Anupama, Sunitha Reddy, Rajani thanked AP people for their wise decision of re electing YSR again and hoping for completion of all the projects and continuing the welfare schemes.

The Vote of thanks has given by YSR Yuvasena USA Committee Honorable Advisor who is the host of the event appreciated all the fans support for making this grand success and also mentioned about the strategy we need to follow the next elections to get 230 assembly seats in Elections 2014.

The real event Car Rally headed by two horses with more than 100 cars with young and energetic youth with the slogans of Jai hoo YSR , Zindabad YSR Yuvasena started from the East side Inn Hotel to Dekalb High school around 10 miles after flag waving by Yuvasena Honorable Advisor Munagala Brahmanada Reddy.

YSR Yuvasena USA committee is thanking for the amazing response for the victory celebrations from all over the country for making this event highly successful.