Friday, August 2, 2013

Andhra Pradesh new capital Ongole or Vijayawada or along caste lines - Analysis.

Real Estate goes crazy in Seemandhra districts - 30 minutes - Tv9 

V6 - Discussion on New Capital for Seemandhra.


Andhra Pradesh capital Vijayawada ? - Studio N


Andhra bifurcation issue: Ongole out of new capital race?


Where will Seemandhra Capital will be ? - TV9 Analysis.



Setting up a new capital for Andhra won't be easy: Experts


Six cities in race for new Seemandhra capital


After 10 years, what’s going to be Andhra Pradesh’s capital?


Nagarjuna University likely to become makeshift secretariat of Andhra Pradesh ?

New Andhra capital likely along caste lines :-

Vijawada likely to be new capital of Andhra Pradesh :-

Ongole likely to be new capital of Andhra Pradesh :-

Elite root for Ongole as capital of truncated AP:-