Wednesday, August 5, 2009 Portal take over by YSR Yuvasena USA Committee Team portal handed over to our Yuvasena team from today and onwards by Chief Minster Anna YSR family & Chief Minister Peshi after lot of observation with lot of expectations on our Yuvsena !! Yuvasena is really honored for handing over the portal from the Anna Garu family & Peshi. Really it is a Greatest achievement to Yuvasena.

As most of you know portal launched on April9th, 2003 on the same day of Anna YSR started Padayatra in Chevella in the hot Summer, When most of the opposition leaders and some of the congress leaders raised their eye brows about completion of the padayatra for 67 days and almost 1470 Kilometers approximately seems to be almost impossible task to many, but by the God's grace, followers prayers and with all andhra people blessings he completed one of the historical padyatra in the AP History, which changed the politics dynamically and land marked for lot of Yatras for next generations and many other leaders in all the parties, states.

Especially portal played major role in 2004 Elections by letting people know lot of information when major news papers are hiding the facts about Anna YSR personally, Politically . portal is used as a powerful weapon to promote Anna YSR as a good leader and also making sure to accept to all the andhra people by letting correct information know to the people who have wrong perception ( by reading TDP Supporting news papers ) about Anna YSR back in 2003 and 2004 especially when no media is with Congress party .

Now it is our turn to promote again portal to letting all the people knowing about excellent leader ship of Andhra Pradesh & Extra Ordinary Achievements in this 50 Months. Since Assembly, Parliment Elections are approaching fast it is our duty to support and promote our party, leader to see him as Longest Serving Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.

Finally i am very pleased to start the operations on the Occassion of Chinna Anna YSVR Garu Birthday ( August 8th) Co-incidentally it is 08-08-08, no matter what how many challenges we face we have to dedicate our selves by showing the commitment, hard work to promote again a Great leader for a Good Cause.

Source:- Great Andhra.