Saturday, August 8, 2009

Youtube Videos Pulling Many YSR Fans

It's not just the videos of Chiranjeevi or Trisha those attract great following in video streaming sites like Youtube.

We also have YSR in that popularity list. YSR Yuvasena is in its active mode of modus operandi by placing the videos relating to YSR and his activities into Youtube.

Bonthu Nagi Reddy, the President of YSR Yuva Sena U.S.A Committee says that they are very happy as videos promoting by them touched the magic figure of one Lakh (1,01,303) and google views are at 9,623.

He said, "We uploaded 104 videos so far which include Chief Minister's programs viz., News Channel videos and Assembly live session videos.

People can watch 49 related videos on Youtube on this URL Google Video's Link for 55 other Videos is The motive of this Yuvasena is to see YSR as the Chief Minister serving the state for longer time.