Friday, September 2, 2016

6th day Food camp update (17-Aug-16 )

6th day food camp update - Today we distributed food to 2700 people @ Kollipara Pushkar Ghat organized by our Family behalf of all ' Bonthu Vaaru' ...really happy to tell so far our food camp feed 16,700 ( Sixteen thousand seven hundred ) in 6 days. 
I m really proud to tell we are the 1st one organizing 12 days food camp for 1st time for Pushkaraalu in Kollipara.

1st Day -    2300
2nd Day -   2700
3rd Day -   3500
4th Day -   3500
5th Day -   2000
6th Day -   2700
Total    -  16,700
Tenali RDO, Kollipara MRO& Several employees personally visited today and appreciated the services.
We never expected or imagined we are going to conduct such a massive program happen !!
Once again u all r welcome to Kollipara which z best Ghat in Kollipara Mandal.