Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jagan's tour non-political: Bonthu Nagi Reddy.

Jagan's tour non-political: Bonthu
The courtesy tour embarked by Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy, M.P of Cuddapah, and the ensuing response has become a hot topic of discussion within the state and NRI’s alike. The special tour was conceived and implemented by Jagan himself in order to meet the families of those who lost/sacrificed their lives in the days following the sudden demise of his father, our former Chief Minister Sri Y.S.Rajasekhara Reddy. This tour is intended to share and assuage the grief of the kith and kin of the deceased.
Mr. Bonthu Nagi Reddy, Founder-President of YSR Yuvasena USA Committee (a part of YSR Foundation), shared his happiness on the tremendous success and overwhelming public response of the tour. He categorically denied the unfound allegations, of some political parties, of secret political agenda on Jagan’s part and opined that these mudslingers were trying to downplay the public support and subvert the popularity that Jagan currently commands.

Mr., Nagi Reddy has been a very active member within the Congress party’s state machinery and has been doing valuable service to the NRI community in his capacity. The organization was started in the US at the behest of Mr. Ungarala Lakshman Rao of Y.S.R Yuvasena who currently oversees the activities of the organization in Andhra Pradesh. The main objective of the organization was to dispel the myths and clear the misinformation and misgivings that a lot of people had, at that time, about our former Chief Minister who was a driving force to a lot of individuals and party workers. The organization as a part of its regular duties renders moral and logistical support to Telugu students and non-immigrant workers. Their networks of professional members provide the necessary framework to help the students looking for jobs.

When asked about his association with Y.S.R family he was very forthcoming in sharing his association with the late Leader. He shared quite a few fond memories of his various meetings with the former Chief Minister whom he met for the first time in the year 2000. He was very ecstatic when he informed us that he was standing right next to Y.S.R at Lal Bahadur Stadium in 2004 while signing the first file (about free power) in his capacity as Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. He said that the most undervalued quality of YSR was his ability to make a person feel special. He was an excellent listener, letting the others speak without interfering. Mr. Nagi Reddy says that he managed most of the tour of Shri YSR, in 2006 when he visited US and was in turn invited to Pulivendula by Y.S.Vivekananda, brother of Shri YSR which he honored twice.

When asked about his relationship with Y.S. Jagan, he said that he is more of a family member.v However, politically, does not share the same rapport that he shared with YSR but attributed it to the current personal & political situation. He said that it has been a very hard and arduous journey to come to terms with the tragedy that befell the family and the state. Mr. Nagi Reddy revealed that the Late YSR invited him to join the public life and as a sign of his respect, he has informed that he will answer the call and take the plunge. He conveyed his decision to dedicate his life to public service through the political medium and will be entering the election fray in 2014. conveys its best wishes for a great journey.

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